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Photos: Wing Young Huie

Riding that train


Theater on the green line? For 200 people? What is this moving theater people keep making? Who is Green Line Theater?

REVIEW: A bounty of ideas from a tiny seed


"People wish to be useful more than they desire to be rich. We are hardwired to make meaningful contributions to the lives of those around us."

BLOG: 2nd Place Ain't Bad


Minneapolis/St. Paul is voted the second-best theater scene in the country (even if Mike Daisey says the theater world is falling apart).

20 QUESTIONS: Zenon leadership


The dance and theater communities in the Twin Cities are like the Twin Cities--connected yet oddly separated. Let's build a bridge across the river divide.

REVIEW: Drunk on language and love


You may think you've seen enough of this play. You'll want to see this version anyway.

BLOG: Post-Sage Awards thoughts

Posted Oct. 15

After words |

Everyone looked great. Honorees cried. Dancers danced. How do the Sage Awards compare to other awards shows?

REVIEW: The wrong verdict


Katherine Glover attempts to tackle an enormous, thorny, provocative topic in her newest play, but the topic wiggles out her grasp.

Greatest Hits: Editor's Pics



Workhouse Theatre Company makes its way in North Minneapolis through old-fashioned, one-on-one, grassroots marketing. We reprint this story from Dec. 2008.

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Kory LaQuess Pullam

Kory LaQuess Pullam

Kory LaQuess Pullam performs in 1984 playing at Intermedia Arts this month.

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