Queering your straight theater

An actor urges you to reconsider your casting approach to gay plays.

A whole new Joe

Can we predict what is to come?

Carving up space

Enjoy another video review in praise of precision in Chris Schlichting's dance.

Celebration of spirit

In honor of Don Stolz, 97, Minnesota theater's godfather, enjoy this inspiring 2009 video interview.

A confounding success

The critic is drawn into this production even though she wants to resist it.

Today’s cover: A world of miracles

If you're willing to travel back in time, this show may reward your faith.


A Midsummer Night's Dream

In his inaugural season Joe Dowling directed Shakespeare’s romantic comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream with hilarious show-stopping …


Oliver!: Broadway Re-Imagined

In this poignant, extraordinary tale with a twist, Director Peter Rothstein brings Charles Dickens’ vivid characters to life with iconic …


Fifty Shades of Gravy

In "Fifty Shades of Gravy," the cast of the BNW will be doing  what it does best: Plumbing the depths of human stupidity, from politics to …


The Gentlemen’s Pratfall Club

“A show that appeals to the children in all of us!” – vita.mn


A struggling actor and cruel French clown battle for …


The Drawer Boy

An actor from a Toronto theatre visits the home of two farmers to research rural life for a new play.  Amused with the young city slicker, …


In the Age of Paint and Bone

We have long known that ancient people painted caves, engraved rocks, carved in antler and bone. What is not known is why they did it – …




Techs + Designers

“New play opening. World premiere from twin cities playwright @gemmavieve #mnpl http://tinyurl.com/oyvqdtq”

— @marktsweeney

A writer at work

Why theater criticism is the most intense kind of criticism

A critic explains the extra pressure he feels when reviewing live arts.

By Jay Gabler

New Year's Resolutions on a coaster

An actor resolves in the New Year to. . .

Dear Actors, dare yourself to improve your career with these 6 simple resolutions in the new year.

The press release

Find out how to compose a basic press release for an arts event.

The follow-up

What do you do after your send the press release but your phone is suddenly ringing with reporter's calls?

What's New?

You can surf around, or you can read this article for a quick summary of some of the new features.

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What are we so excited about?

If you like knowing the big picture, this Editor's Note is written for you.

Watch this review

This show’s got it all: aggressive partnering, clowning, Belgian aesthetics, and a penis-oriented dance section.

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